Mind, emotion, and mythic thinking is a symposium for young cultural studies scholars that also welcomes the views of artistic researchers. It brings together different perspectives in study of mind, emotion, and cognition primarily from folklore research but also from other fields of cultural studies as well as art. The symposium aims to look into mythic thinking, discourse and vernacular worldview and how they relate with emotion and/or cognition. Mythic thinking is the process of thinking and experiencing through signs, structures and stories of mythology. In this sense, myths are seen as emotionally invested, culturally meaningful symbols, that offer ways of knowing and understanding history, origins and the organization of the world. These symbols circulate socially and are manipulated in what is known as mythic discourse, the discourse of these where ways of mythic thinking are communicated, reinforced or contested. The overall theme of the symposium focuses on intersections of emotion or mind and discourses of mythic thinking.

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