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The most important publications are marked in bold.

Peer-reviewed articles, chapters and conference proceedings

in prep. (with Erika Sandman) Doing things with grammar: indexical performativity across grammatical categories. In preparation for submission to the Journal of Pragmatics.
in prep. (with Pavel Ozerov) Focus as a pragmatic interpretation of attention management: the case of Mano (Mande)
submitted (with Sara Carrier-Bordeleau and Pe Mamy) Dictionnaire mano de la Guinée – français avec un index français – mano. Mandenkan
submitted (with Maria Konoshenko) When your priests speak the language of your wives: Translation ideology in Mano Catholic communities. Special issue of International journal of the sociology of language, edited by Maria Khachaturyan
submitted (with Maria Kuteeva and Svetlana Vetchinnikova) What’s a language error? A discussion based on the Kollegium Talk organized by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies on 9 December 2021. Apples – Journal of Applied Language Studies
forthc. Negation in Mano. Ljuba Veselinova and Matti Miestamo (eds.), Negation in the languages of the world. Language Science Press.
forthc. Reflexive constructions in Mano. Submitted to Katarzyna Janic, Nicoletta Puddu and Martin Haspelmath (eds.), Reflexive constructions in the languages of the world. Language Science Press.
2021 (with Maria Konoshenko) Assessing (a)symmetry in bilingualism: the case of Mano and Kpelle (Guinea). Special issue of International Journal of Bilingualism, edited by Nina Dobrushina, Olesya Khanina and Brigitta Pakendorf.
2020 A typological portrait of Mano, Southern Mande. Linguistic Typology 25(1), 123-167. doi: 10.1515/lingty-2020-2050.
2020 Common Ground in Demonstrative Reference: The Case of Mano (Mande). Frontiers in Psychology 11:543549. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2020.543549
2020 From the Qur’an to Christianity. Ethnolinguistic contact and religious conversion in West Africa. Cahiers d’Études Africaines 239, 535-562. draft
2020 Bridging caught in a crossfire: the marker of situated definiteness in Mano and language contact. Language in Africa 1(4), 158-182. doi: 10.37892/2686-8946-2020-1-4-158-182
2019 The Aorist and the Perfect in Mano. In Emily Clem, Peter Jenks & Hannah Sande (eds.), Theory and description in African Linguistics: Selected papers from the 47th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, 463–480. Berlin: Language Science Press. PDF
2019 Inclusory pronouns in Mande: the emergence of a typological rarum. Folia Linguistica 53(1), 87–123. pre-review version
2019 Knowing is belonging: recognitional deixis and emergence of common ground in religious conversion. Signs and Society 7(2), 186-216. PDF
2018 Differential linguistic and social change: the role of translation. Annales de la Fondation Fyssen 33, 52-76.
2018 A sketch of dialectal variation in Mano. Mandenkan 59, 31-56. PDF
2017 Bound noun plus verb combinations in Mano. Mandenkan 57, 3-24. PDF
2014 Категория именного числа в мано, южные манде [Category of nominal number in Mano, South Mande]. Вопросы языкознания (Voprosy jazykoznanija) 5, 97-121. PDF
2011 Le système prédicatif du mano de Guinée. Mandenkan 47, 13 – 55. PDF

Peer-reviewed monograph

2015 Grammaire du mano. Mandenkan 54, 1-252 (special issue). PDF

Special issue

in prep. The social context of language contact and its linguistic consequences. Special issue of the International journal of the sociology of language

Articles and book chapters (selection)

2017 Christianity, language contact and language change. Proceedings of the 25th Annual Symposium about Language and Society-Austin. PDF
2017 Язык мано [The Mano language]. In Vydrin, V. et al. (eds.), Languages of the world: Mande languages, pp. 400-447. Moscow: Academia.
2015 De la stigmatisation raciale à l’identité ethnique : le cas du métissage russo-africain [From racial stigma to ethnic identity: the case of the Afro-Russians’ mixed identity]. Polis e Psique 5(1), 55-76. PDF