Fourth week

Couch potato

I love to watch TV here. Every weekday the program timetable is the same.

Our selection of TV series:

So, there is lots of TV for me (~2hours). It’s dark outside after 17 and shops close at the same time. So, I enjoy BBC’s great TV series. So, here I’m a real couch potato. Luckily, I can follow my running school, I found in the net couple years back. It’s available only Finnish and it’s called Running school for Couch potatoes. I fit in better than ever.


Picture 1: a Coach potato type animal we saw last weekend.

“You are so busy to row that you forget to start the engine”

This is maybe not a very good translation of the phrase my colleague uses sometimes. Anyway, there is a great wisdom in that phrase. During this very busy week, I have been thinking what is “the engine”, when providing research services. Library resources are always limited, we need to find engines to survive. When we find engines powerful enough, we get time for tailored services as well. One example of these engines is a well maintained FAQ (of any subject). Someone may even find the FAQ in web pages and anyway it’s better to use ready written answers than type same answers over and over again. However FAQs can be hard to maintain, if there is no easy-to-use tool for that. The best FAQs are the ones others are maintaining and you can use excellent results.

What do you think are good engines for a hospital library?

Tomorrow we’ll go to the Zoo of Melbourne. I hope it’ll be a nice adventure.

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  1. One great engine is link your library collection to PubMed. I meen by SFX or other link resolver. The best library services are those witch are liked to the research process.

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