Seventh week

Duffel versus GoreTex coat

It’s winter time in Australia. Even thought it’s not very cold here, most of the people are wearing winter cloths. Duffel coat seems to be very popular. When it really is cold here, it’s because of the heavy wind or rain. Duffel coats protect you neither of those, GoreTex would be better choice obviously. Then why people are wearing wool coats? Because of tradition, of course.

I’m very lucky I don’t need to change the coat wearing habits. But i constantly need to make changes to my own work and need to get others to change they work routines. It’s a very nice job, the best actually and I enjoy it, but not always easy. The reasoning is not enough, you need to handle the feelings as well. I’m not very talented in that, but I have found one strategy which works sometimes. I try to find compromises. Like GoreTex coat looking like Duffel coat. (I actually own a winter coat like that.)

Chasing trends

Trends of the research library services are changing all the time. The current trends are for example: open science, altmetrics, mobile services and research data management. Because I get bored very easily, I (most of the time) welcome new trends and jump in the first wave. I understand everybody can’t act like that. The library services need stability and tradition. But too must tradition will kill it.

The research services needs to move quite fast because researchers need to move so fast, especially in the medical field. But even there, we can’t chase every trend. Or can we? Is there actually any possibilities we ignore those?

If you want to know more about the current trends, here are sources I like:

In the train heading middle of nowhere

This weekend we will visit my husbands old friends. I don’t have a clue where we are heading. My husband make all arrangements. I’m writing this blog post in the train, during 5 hours trip. From windows I can see only darkness. I’m feeling great, because I trust my husband. This weekend will be great, the hotel will be nice, the people, I have never met, will be friendly.

Sometimes my research data team members must feel like I’m leading them to the unknown waters. I hope they can feel safe during the journey. I try to be trustworthy. I hope we will find land anytime soon.

Best regards,

Ps. A very nice couple give us lift to our hotel last night. In the train, we asked them, if it’s safe to walk or should we take a taxi. They desided to take us to hotel. People are so friendly here!

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  1. the ACRL Envirionmental scan is excellent, especially in the research data management domain – thanks for the alert. I’ve learnt a few new terms too – ‘data literacy’ and ‘digital fluency’.

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