Tenth week

When do you have too many balls in the air at the same time? Easy answer: today. I missed a very important Skype meeting (at least I thought it was important). And I was the organizer of the meeting! I felt so embarrassed!

I heard later they had a good meeting and they made great results, even though I was not there. Well, I’m not a very important person after all and I’m so pleased to hear that!

(I did know that of course! But sometimes you just forget that, especially if you are very busy.)

Picture 1: Scary signs here! (However, my limbs did not fall.)

Writing reports

I’m writing reports of the projects I have been involved in here, in English. Yeah, English is not my strongest skill, so it takes much longer than normally to write and I can’t polish the reports too much (or at all) or I never get those ready.

Following the same strategy, I made a presentation of project findings. I was surprised when got positive feedback of it, from several people. They think the presentation was clear and main message was easy to understand. Yeah. Well, I could not write very much. That’s why I draw graphs/pictures and used less words. Every word needs to be so important I wanted to practice to pronounce those words. Even practiced, I could not pronounce some words after all. It did not matter. (They read the words from the Power Point slide.)

I have learned something here. If you don’t spend so much time polishing your reports or presentations, you can save time for more important things. And you can even sometimes miss a meeting and the world will not collapse. I don’t know why I couldn’t figure that out in Finnish, but great that because of my “English handicap” I got this wisdom. 🙂

Best regards, MEK

Ps. We visited the Grampians this weekend. It’s an amazing place!

View Grampians
Picture 2: View from the Grampians. © Mikael Niku

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