Eleventh week

This weekend we visited Tasmania. I used my two days off (plus weekend) hiking, feeding kangaroos, petting wombats, admiring very tall gum trees, biking, hiking again and driving a car.

IMG_8176Keep left

Yes, I was driving a car at wrong side of the road. I’m so used to do so, that I’m worried, if I remember how to drive on the right side of the road, when I’ll go back to Finland. And what happens, when I’ll try open or to unlock doors? I need to remember they open opposite direction than here. Eleven weeks is not very long time, but it’s long enough to chance some habits.

There is something I have learnt that I actually can use at home, of course. And that was the point to come here. I’m not entirely sure, what are the most important things I got, future will tell that. But one thing I can say. And it’s the thing that library can’t work as a separate island in a university/organization. Or it can be a warehouse where books and journals have been taken care of. What do you think, is the library a warehouse or a center of information services? I think it is a service center. The library collection services and other services, like information literacy training and research services, should be linked to the mother organization and in many cases the link could be to the administration procedures.

A small part of bureaucratic machinery

It could be wise to link information of library services to research administration processes a research project needs to pass. In medicine we could link important information to a ethic application process. Not everything, but advertisement about literature search support and training, reference management softwares, open access repository, research data management guidance, etc. Data management planning support can be linked to the grant application process. We tried it in Univ Helsinki and I think it works quite nicely. Maybe it feels not so nice to be part of the bureaucratic machinery of the organization. Especially because we know how much researchers hate administration. But it is for sure more effective than lurking in the Facebook or Research gate.

About the information… I got a hint from the director of the research ethic unit about a good guide:”A guide to good research practice”, http://www.med.monash.edu.au/assets/docs/sphpm/sphpm-grp-guide-v-5.pdf From a research data management point of view, I think it’s very good guide. But from information seeking point of view… There is nothing about the literature search as a part of good research. I wonder why. Maybe the library was not invited to take part to writing project.


Picture: Fossils at Maria Island, Tasmani (CC 4.0 BY Mikael Niku)

Last week is here

This a beginning of our last week here in Australia. It has been very nice being here. But at the same time whole family is ready to go home. My sons miss they friends and fast internet connections. My husband is ready to go to work after taking caring of boys so long. He especially dreams about our house where boys have rooms in different floors. I miss the shower with a thermostat and fast internet connections. And we all miss our cats. My mother of law has taken care of the cats and they have spent wonderful time on the old farm my parents in law live in. But the cats have missed us. The female (Siru) just recently stopped waiting us very near by the house and joined her brother more distant explores heading the country side near by (mother of law is keeping eye on them all the time). So she might have decided, that we are not coming back. I wonder how they react when we will.

See you,

Ps. I bought chocolate from the Hobart airport. Clerk wanted to warn me and make sure I was aware it was DARK chocolate. “Oh yeah, that’s why I bought it”, I said. The face of the clerk made me laugh, I couldn’t help it.

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