Briefly in English

Moodi in brief

Moodi ry is a student organisation for Helsinki University students studying statistics or econometrics established in 1968. We organize excursions to companies, sports and culture events, and a diverse palette of other recreational events. Moodi is also the epicenter of interaction with other statistics students.

Join us!

Membership is free for all students and alumni. You can register using the membership form (Google Forms). Unfortunately the form is currently only in Finnish.

You should also join our email list. Send ”subscribe tyyppi-arvo” to majordomo(at) No subject line is necessary, and you should send the message in Plain Text format. Upon successful registration you will receive a confirmation email. (Majordomo is an old system and might get confused by text formatting. Even if it gives you an error response, you might be successfully registered.)

We announce upcoming events, important study topics, and job offers on the email list. Event announcements and information will be both in Finnish and English. For other matters we aim to include at least a summary in English.

Contact Moodi

You have multiple ways of contacting us. You can visit our student room, send mail or a message, see below how!

Student room

You can find Moodi’s student room at the Kumpula Campus basement (CK109). You are most welcomed to pop in for a cup of coffee or tea and a nice chat with other fellow statistics enthusiasts! Moodi’s student room is called Survomo in reference to Survo, a pioneering statistical computing environment from the 1960s.

Floor plan of Exactum
Our student room Survomo is located in room CK109 near the Unicafe of Exactum.

Addresses and links:

  • Email the board: moodi-hallitus(at)
  • Send paper mail to:

Moodi ry
(Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2B)
PL 68
00014 Helsingin yliopisto

Harassment and other problematic situations

We at Moodi have zero tolerance for harassment. If you experience any kind of discrimination or unpleasant situations within the activities of Moodi, please report it to the harassment contact persons of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki due to the small size of our organization. If you have encountered problematic situations in events organized by the University of Helsinki, you can report them also to the university’s and Kumpula campus’ harassment contact persons.

If you wish, you may also contact the board or the equality representative (yhdenvertaisuusvastaava) of the board of Moodi.