Moodle 3.3 and the new Course overview

On 3rd January 2018 University of Helsinki’s Moodle was updated to the version 3.3. The course overview block in the previous versions of Moodle has been removed and replaced with a new course overview, which provides details of course progress and upcoming deadlines.

Unfortunately in the new course overview it is no longer possible to arrange courses as desired. This is a disadvantage for many teachers and students, especially if they are on multiple Moodle courses. We are currently investigating whether it would be possible to introduce a different “Course overview” block with previous features. We apologize for the situation and we will announce about the progress here.

What can I do?

1) Add Courses block on your Dashboard. (See video)

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click Customise this page (right corner)
  • Add block “Courses” (left column)
  • Move the “My courses” block to the middle.

2) Use My Teaching / My Studies pages. After the teacher has added the link to the Moodle course to the page, the Moodle area can be accessed also from there.

3) Search your Moodle course using Search tool on the frontpage and on Dashboard.

4) Add your Moodle courses as bookmarks to your browser. See Student’s digital skills: Bookmarks

What can I do as a teacher?

4) Teacher should define the start and end dates of the course, so that the courses will appear in the right tabs “In progress/Future/Past”.

If you have any questions, please contact moodle (at)

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