About the project

The landscape of the Finno-Ugric speech communities is currently experiencing profound and, to a large extent, irreversible transformation. Change in everyday language practices takes place
via bilingualism, multilingualism and an increased use of the majority language.

Multilingual practises in Finno-Ugric communities is a co-funded project of the Academy of Finland and The Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA). The goal of the project is to enhance the perception of multilingualism in different Finno-Ugric contexts. The
research will be carried out in two universities, Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and the University of Helsinki that have a long tradition in mutual collaboration and research into Finno-Ugric
languages. The project focuses on minority language communities that apply multilingualism in daily practice and simultaneously increase the tendency towards language shift. The
different public statuses of language and the attitudes of individual speakers influence everyday communication.

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