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University Lecturer in Museum Studies Suzie Thomas and University of Jyväskylä Ethnologist Dr Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto wrote an article for the journal Nordisk Museologi in 2016, entitled ’”Ghosts in the Background” and ”The Price of War”: Representations of the Lapland War in Finnish museums’.

The article, along with the whole issue, is now available online open access.

Werner Thiede’s Hut, adjacent to the Gold Panning Museum in Tankavaara, Finnish Lapland. A survivor of the destructive period of the Lapland War. Photo by Suzie Thomas

Stemming from research for the Academy of FinlandLapland’s Dark Heritage” project, the article’s abstract is:

Museums decide which events and perspectives to privilege over others in their exhibitions. In the context of “difficult” or “dark” histories – in which the subject matter might be painful, controversial or in some other way challenging for one or more community or interest groups to reconcile with – some events may be marginalized or ignored. This may also happen due to official narratives diverting attention to other events that have come to be seen as more “important” or worthy of discussion. We explore the ways that information about the Lapland War (1944–1945) is incorporated into permanent exhibitions at five Finnish museums: the Provincial Museum of Lapland; Siida – the National Museum of the Finnish Sámi; the Gold Prospector Museum; the Military Museum of Finland; and the Finnish Airforce Museum. Despite the significant social and environmental upheavals brought about by the brief but destructive conflict, it seems surprisingly rarely addressed.

Keywords: Dark heritage, dark tourism, difficult histories, exhibition analysis,
Second World War, Lapland War, Sámi heritage, military history.

Citation suggestion:

Thomas, Suzie, & Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto (2016). ’”Ghosts in the Background” and ”The Price of War”: Representations of the Lapland War in Finnish museums’. Nordisk Museologi 2016(2): 60-77.

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Suzie Thomas

University Lecturer in Museology. Interested in community engagement, alternative and outsider approaches to the past, museum security, and dark heritage.


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