Dr Anna Wessman

Anna Wessman is a researcher in the multidisciplinary SuALT – project (The Finnish Archaeological Finds Recording Linked Open Database / Suomen arkeologisten löytöjen linkitetty avoin tietokanta), which develops innovative solutions to respond to metal detecting and other non-professional encounters with archaeological material, applying semantic computing to “citizen science”. In the project Anna focuses on the user Needs and Public Cultural Heritage Interactions.
In 2017 Anna led the Menneisyyttä etsimässä – kolmannen sektorin merkitys kulttuuriperinnön tutkimuksessa – project, which was funded by the Kone Foundation and focused on a specific metal detectorist group in Häme (Kanta-Hämeen menneisyyden etsijät ry). She has worked as a University Lecturer in Museum Studies between 2015-2017. Between 2010-2015 Anna was the PI in the project The Levänluhta site – A Multidisciplinary research into a unique mystery in Northern European prehistory founded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation.  Anna has collaborated with metal detectorists since 2011.
From Spring 2018 Anna will be contributing in different ways to various museum studies courses.