Dr Nina Robbins

Nina Robbins is university lecturer in museum studies (Fi: museologia). She has a PhD in museology, an MA in art conservation and an MA in art history. She has worked in the field of cultural heritage since the mid-1980s, specializing in collection management in art museums. She received her doctoral degree from Jyväskylä University in 2016. Her educational background has helped her to understand the diversity of various educational institutions, but also it has helped her to see their unifying features.

Her PhD focused on the area of disposals in Finnish art museums. In it she studied disposals as part of the collection management and gathered information regarding disposals and collection values. In her research, tacit knowledge appeared as a critical issue. She will continue her research in the area of active values and tacit knowledge in everyday museum practices in the future.

She has worked a number of years as a private conservator and collection management consultant for various museums and foundations in Helsinki and southern Finland. Through her work as a consultant and conservator she has developed a wide professional perspective in the field of cultural heritage and she places great importance on passing on to her university students not only theoretical knowledge, but also its corresponding practical knowledge. She feels that the field of museology offers an enduring bridge between the various fields of heritage management. Beneficially integrating the forces from these different fields will become ever more important in a world where financial resources are increasingly scrutinized.