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The “Music for All” meetings and seminars are mainly organised at the Resonaari Centre in Helsinki. Address: Kulosaaren puistotie 26, 00570 Helsinki. For further information, please see

The seminar dates are updated on the “Music for All” front page and event calendar on Resonaari’s website.

Special Music Centre Resonaari (Helsinki, Finland)

Resonaari Centre in Helsinki operates as an advocate and a promoter of music education for students with special needs. The aim of the globally networked Centre is to guarantee equal opportunities for students with special needs to participate in goal-directed, professional music education. Resonaari is divided into three departments:

1. Resonaari Music School

More than 270 students in all age groups are enrolled in Resonaari Music School. Resonaari offers Basic Education in the Arts that is goal-directed instruction, progressing from one level to other. The educational goals follow the advanced syllabus of the national core curricula formulated by the National Board of Education (in Finland). Specially supported music education is offered for students whose conditions for development and learning have been impacted by illness, disability, reduced functional ability or age. The students participate in individual and/or group lessons once or twice a week and receive professional music education instruction.

2. Expert services

The Centre offers various types of expert services and enhances professionals’ capabilities by generating models for future pedagogical approaches and providing practical applications, like Figurenotes notation. From its wide knowledgebase, Resonaari arranges continuing education to professionals and maintains contacts with specialists and researchers working in the field. Resonaari has a broad international cooperation; the main partners are located in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, UK, Ireland, Italy and Japan.

3. “Resonaari Group” – Musician project of Resonaari

Resonaari offers possibilities for students with special needs to build professional musicianships. Among the best-known achievements in Resonaari in this respect is the musician project “Resonaari Group” that has supported music employment for diverse learners.

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