Conversation group

Our conversation group started on 9th Feb. Due to Covid everything is now done online also in this group.
During the first meeting we had multiple small groups in breakout rooms where we mainly introduced ourselves and discussed of the possible discussion topics.
From 2nd meeting onward we started to organize Zoom’s breakout rooms by ourselves. Discussions were at the beginning more guarded but have started to flow more freely now that participants start to know each other a bit better.
I think these conversations are nice and needed change for the solitary remote work.

Study period has now changed. My conversation group of period 3 decided to continue to have meetings at least for couple of more weeks. In addition, my new period 4 conversation group began on 18th March. We didn’t have too many members in this group, so we decided to try to mix two conversation groups which continued from period 3.

I have now continued to participate in both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s conversation groups (we have managed to still have also our Tuesday’s meetings). During Tuesdays we mainly speak about different topics picked from the question cards and on Thursday’s we have now decided to start to play network game named League of Legends. Last week I wasn’t yet able to start to play due to it took me most of the discussion time to get the game downloaded and installed. It is a team game and I’m a little nervous if I’m good enough for my group (I have never played any network games). 

We have found out interesting conversation topics from the following sites:

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