Several clubs operate under MYY ry. These clubs organise all sorts of meetings and events for students. Each club has either one person or more in charge of organising these events and informing about upcoming events.

Sports club

The sports club organises fun and sporty activities for students. Previously, the club has organised skating, winter swimming, football, dance, and yoga!

Art club

The art club has previously organised drawing and painting in the club room. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of artistic talent! Welcome!

Quidditch club MyyRyhmyt

Quidditch is a sport everyone should try! Even though, we can’t actually fly, we can still practice catching the Golden Snitch, run and practice tackling. Quidditch is a fun sport that combines rugby, dodgeball, and basketball.

You can find the Quidditch team MyyRyhmyt on Facebook

Veggiefood club

The club gathers in a relaxed environment to cook together. The club makes vegan food together, everyone is free to join, regardless of cooking skills or knowledge of vegan food!

Nature trip club

Nature club heads plan different kinds of nature trips to national parks or other outdoor areas for example. The idea is to enjoy nature and being outside!

Handcraft club

The handcraft club has previously organised events such as knitting together, fixing old clothes, sewing overall patches, making soap together, and just spending time together!

Fishing club Vimmat

Vimmat is MYY ry’s own fishing club, where the group engages in many fishing-related activities such as fishing, cooking fish dishes, fish ”marathon” and fish-themed sitz!  You can find the Vimmat Facebook group here. If you want to organise something together with Vimmat, please contact the clubhead.

Culture club Kurja and movie club Erja
Kurja is MYY ry’s own culture club. The idea of the club began in 2007 on a trip to Etelä-Pohjanmaa. The club has gone to art exhibitions, movies and cartoon festivals together.

Erja is MYY ry’s movie club. The idea of the club began in 2008 on an excursion to Germany. The club has organised movie marathons. Some previously viewed movies are Star Wars and Mamma Mia for example. The club also organises traditional movie nights!