MYY ry organizes several events every year. Here’s a list of some of the events. We recommend you to follow our social media to stay updated on our events. 

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Facebook: MYY ry

MYY ry’s Orientation Week

Orientation week is organized at the beginning of the autumn term for new students. The idea is to get students acquainted with MYY ry and student life. At the end of the week, there is usually a party organized by MMYL and Biosfääri.

Freshmen run

The freshmen run is an event organized for first-year students. Several other associations organize freshmen-run events as well, for example, MMYL and Biosfääri.


Sitz is a traditional academic dinner party. Singing, drinking, and eating are all an important part of sitz. We have organized for example pyjama party sitz, freshmen sitz, birthday sitz, and overall sitz.


MYY ry organizes annually a week-long excursion to varying locations. In even years, the excursion has usually been abroad, and on odd years, the excursion usually happens in Finland. Myy ry encourages environmentally friendly activities in many ways. For example, we do not fly during our excursions and we sort all of our waste along the way. Excursions are fun and a memorable way to get to know MYY ry and other students.


Karkkila is an annually organized pre-Christmas party weekend in Vuotinaisten leirikeskus, Karkkila. The idea is to spend a relaxing weekend together with other students. Karkkila weekends have been organized since the 80s. There may not be beds for everyone, but that doesn’t matter!

May Day wine competition

The wine competition is organized in front of C-grundi. The idea is to bring your homemade drink (wine, beer, etc.) and leave your drink to the judges. The judges will taste all of the participants’ drinks and pick a winner in each category. The sauna will be on as well!

May Day ”sillis”

On Mayday, a ”sillis” picnic (academic herring breakfast) is organized together with other student associations in Ullanlinnanmäki.