Estate of Toini and Heikki Suomalainen donate Cosmographie from 1652 to the National Library

The estate of Toini and Heikki Suomalainen donated the Cosmographie in four bookes Contayning the CHOROGRAPHIE & HISTORIE of the whole WORLD, and all the Principal Kingdoms, Provinces, Seas and Isles, Thereof (London 1652) by Peter Heylyn to the National Library on 4 May 2016.


Peter Heylyn (1599–1662) was an English scholar, school and university teacher, clergyman and chaplain to King Charles I. The National Library’s Humanities Collection previously had one book by Heylyn:

Theologia veterum, or, the summe of Christian theologie contained in the Apostles creed (London 1654).

The Cosmographie is based on lectures given at Oxford University. It is the first comprehensive geopolitical presentation of the known world delivered in English. The work consists of four books in which Heylyn describes the geography, political history and cultural mores of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The donation is a significant addition to the National Library’s collection of historical literature. It will be added to special collections as soon as possible, and once catalogued, will be available at the special reading room upon request.


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