The National Library’s strategy for 2016–2020

by Dorrit Gustafsson


Change through digital services and openness – National Library services open to all


The new Strategy of the National Library of Finland is based on the national digital library’s open service environment and solutions. The goal is to serve researchers by supporting their use of research resources in a digital environment, the general public by offering cultural heritage resources in the formats they need, and memory organisations and other partners by providing infrastructure services.

The National Library sees the following as the key aspects of change in its environment: increasingly rapid digitisation, an open sharing culture, increasingly international research and the maintenance of the competitive edge of top research. These are the key topics of the National Library’s strategy for 2016-2020, and the challenges it rises to.

Several important changes are underway in the operating environment of the National Library. In addition to financial challenges, the Library’s operations must adapt to rapid technological changes and how they affect the availability of information. Issues of legal informatics add their own challenges to the use of digital information.

The author is a Director at the National Library of Finland.

Strategic framework


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