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The My Studies page offers information on all courses in the current term, and provides access to other interesting content and other services (e.g., Moodle, Wiki, Flamma, UniCafe, UniSport).

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Course pages

A course page is automatically created for all courses. Teachers can add information and material there. Students can find their own course pages on My Studies. For the course pages to be displayed on My Studies, the student must be registered for the relevant course in WebOodi.

One-stop-shop for student instructions

All student instructions, relating to the period from the beginning of studies to graduation and postgraduate education, are now available in a single location. The Instructions for Students site contains the instructions pertaining to all students as well as programme-specific instructions for the new degree programmes that launched in autumn 2017.

Student instructions


Examinarium is the University’s electronic exam system. Teachers can create exams in the system, and students can take the exams at their convenience during a defined exam period in a separate exam rooms equipped with a computer and a video recording system for invigilation. Examinarium increases the flexibility of studying, frees teachers from organising separate exam sessions throughout the academic year and makes it easier to provide feedback on answers.

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Study planning

A new tool for study planning supports the drafting of personal study plans. You can use the tool to browse the teaching available for your degree, schedule your studies in a calendar and plan their completion over the duration of your degree programme.

The study planning tool will be launched gradually. The purpose is that all students in the new degree programmes will use the tool by the end of the 2017–2018 academic year.

Study planning


  • Find your peers and interesting study groups.
  • Chat with your peers or a student group.
  • Create new groups or join groups created by others.
  • Create invitations to events for those in the same course or for groups.