Instructions for paper presenters NOLAN 2015

The Organizing Committee has set that all presenters must submit a written contribution as a basis for their presentation in advance. The document will be shared only with the other panel participants, without further circulation, if you do not desire.

All conference participants are required to submit a final copy of their paper in electronic format (PDF) by May 31, 2015. Please send your written contributions to the chair of your session. The organizers of the session can chose to set a later deadline for submission of the papers. This is to make it easier for the other panel participants (and discussants if that’s the case of your panel) to prepare for comments and to make the panel sessions useful for both you and the rest of the panellists.

Paper Specifications

All papers should:

  • be single-spaced with a suggested length of 10-15 pages (max)
  • be in PDF format
  • include the title, author’s name and affiliation, and the following statement: Prepared for delivery at the 8th Nordic Latin American Research Network Conference. Helsinki, June 11-13, 2015.


Some advice for presentations (ppt)

  • Fonts: You should not use any font smaller than 24 point bold for any item you want the audience to actually be able to see. That is a minimum — larger is even better!
  • Colours: If you use colours, make sure they are dark enough and in enough contrast with the background to be visible in a large room seating around 30 people. If in doubt, try it out first.
  • Control your use of time: We have a schedule to follow. The panel chair will inform you in advance how much time you have for your presentation (expect 15 to 20 minutes). The session chairs will be instructed to enforce your time limit. Thus, you should decide in advance, which of your topics you will omit if your presentation is moving slower than you expected.