Kukka sinipohjallaOUTLINE  

[Updated 5 Jan 2016]

Please also check the latest version of the detailed program.


Thursday (7 Jan)                                              

15-16 Registration (Porthania, 1st floor lounge)

16:00 Opening of the Conference (in Porthania lecture hall IV, as most of the events)

17:15 Reception

18:30 KEYNOTE 1: God in the Details: Towards a New “Secularism” (Mattias Martinson)


Friday (8 Jan) 

9:00 SESSION 1: Christology (Arne Rasmusson, Antje Jackelén, Pauliina Kainulainen)

10:30 SESSION 2: Christology continues (Thomas Ekstrand, Jyri Komulainen)

13:00 KEYNOTE 2: Reform through Recognition: Jonas Gardell and Jussi Valtonen (Risto Saarinen)

14:30 KEYNOTE 3: The Reformation of What? (Jaana Hallamaa)

16:00 SESSION 3: Dialogical Panel on Reformation (Stephanie Dietrich, Sigurjon Arni Eyjolfsson, Minna Hietamäki, Mari Pöntinen)

20:00 Conference Dinner, Hotel Vaakuna (Restaurant Kaarre)


Saturday (9 Jan)

9:00 KEYNOTE 4: Service and Advocacy, Matters of Faith? (Olav Fykse Tveit); this lecture, exceptionally in Porthania II, is open to all interested.

10:30 SESSION 4: Service and Advocacy (Maria Agustsdottir, Anne Louise Nielsen)

13:00 SESSION 5: Dialogical Panel on Inter-Faith Perspectives on Reformations Today (Jonas Adelin Jørgensen, Anne Hege Grung, Anas Hajjar)

15:10 DOCTORAL SEMINARS (4 parallel seminars)

19:30 Excursion to the Uspenski Cathedral: Guided tour, addresses by representatives of several faiths


Sunday (10 Jan)                                               

8:45 Evaluation of the Conference, Hotel Arthur

10:00 Communion Service (Helsinki Cathedral) or Orthodox Liturgy (The Holy Trinity Church, in Slav) or visit to the Synagogue of Helsinki

12:20-13:45 Open discussion event (Archbishop Dr. Antje Jackelén and Bishop Dr. Björn Vikström) moderated by Senior Editor Jussi Rytkönen, The Cathedral Crypt

13:45–14:45 Towards the Next Conference, The Cathedral Crypt

15:00- n. 17 Excursions around the Helsinki City centre in groups (separate registration)

17:30- Opportunity to a joint dinner in Hotel President (not included in the registration fee).


[Program to be complemented, changes possible]