University of Southern Denmark

This research environment is organized around the Centre for Welfare State Research. The Centre for Welfare State Research was established in 2005 between the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark and the School of Social Work in Odense. The aim of the Centre is to deepen and coordinate welfare state research at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Centre is truly interdisciplinary in that it includes political scientists, economists, historians and sociologists. The research areas of the centre are the normative foundation of the welfare state, its development in a comparative and historical perspective, the responses of the welfare state to external challenges, Europeanization, and the impact of welfare state on individuals. The Centre is active academically and also contributes to public and political debate.

The Centre is located as Department of Political Science and includes researchers from history and political science as well individual researchers from disciplines such philosophy, sociology, Middle East Studies (with emphazis on ethnic minorities in Denmark and problems of integration) and economics. As stated in the application Centre for Welfare Research and Department of Political Science will devote the necessary administrative ressources to hosting one of the NcoE research teams.

Theme Group 3: ‘Epistemic Communities: Knowledge and Social Interests in the Making of the Nordic Welfare State’ is coordinated from here.

Contact: Professor Klaus Petersen, email: klaus.petersen(at)

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