Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Alanko Anna, Hannamaria Kuusio & Ilmo Keskimäki (eds) (2008) 15 th European Conference on Public Health. The Future of Public Health in the Unified Europe. Conference proceedings.

Andresen, Astri, Tore Grønlie, William Hubbard, Teemu Ryymin, Svein Atle Skålevåg (2008) Citizens, Courtrooms, Crossings. Conference Proceedings. Bergen: Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies.

Borchorst, Anette & Siim, Birte (2008) “The multicultural challenge to the Danish Welfare state – Social Politics, Equality and Regulating Families“. Aalborg Universitet : Institut for Historie, Internationale Studier og Samfundsforhold,  (FREIA’s working paper series; 65).

Grønlie, Tore (2008) Hospital development in peripheral Norway 1920-1959. Valencia Colloqium. 30-31.10.2008.

Kettunen, Pauli (2008) “Consensualism and the Legitimacy of Power – the Case of Finland“. Key note -speech in “Power and Legitimacy – Annual Seminar of the Power in Finland Research Programme”, Academy of Finland. Tampere: 27.5.2008.

Kuhnle, Stein (2008) “The Role of Civil Society in the Development of the Nordic Welfare States”. Hertie School of Governance Working Paper No. 29 .

Kuhnle, Stein & Schiller, Christopher (2008) “Redesigning the German Welfare State“. Hertie School of Governance Working Paper No. 8 .

Offe, Claus (2008) Guest lecture “Economic Citizenship Rights. The Unconditional Basic Income and Related Schemes of Distributional Justice”, 26 August 2008 in University of Helsinki. Listen to the lecture

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