Conference Proceedings and Presentations

Ahlbäck, Anders (2009) “Competing versions of the citizen-soldier in the new Finnish national state: 1918-1932“. Changing men and masculinities in gender equal societies, Roskilde 28-30.1.2009. Workshop on “Historical perspectives on men and masculinities in the welfare state”.

Ahlbäck, Anders (2009) “Värnplikt och manlig kroppslighet: Finland 1918-1939“. Changing men and masculinities in gender equal societies,    Roskilde 28-30.1.2009. Workshop on ’Sports, violence, and war’.

Gasche, Malte & Johan Strang (2009) “Der Kriegeinsatz des finnischen Philosophen Eino Kaila”. In Wegner, Bernd, Oliver vom Wrochem & Daniel Schümmer (eds) Finnland und Deutschland – Studien zur Geschichte im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert. Hamburg: Verlag dr Kovač.

Kettunen, Pauli (2009) “The Agent Called Society in the Making and Challenging of the Nordic Welfare State“. Agency and Action. 34th Annual Social Science History Association (SSHA) Meeting, Long Beach: 12-15 November 2009.

Kettunen, Pauili (2009) “The Confidence in Virtuous Circles in the Nordic Model” [Slides]. Inaugural Lecture of Honorary Professor in Welfare State Research. University of Southern Denmark, Odense: 29 September, 2009.

Kettunen, Pauli (2009) “The Conceptualisation of the Social in Europe’s Northern Periphery – Society in Nordic Political Discourses“. Comparative Conceptual History and Global Translations. The Conceptualization of the Social in Eurasian Comparison. Bangkok: 2-5 March, 2009.

Kildal, Nanna, Ervik, Rune & Nilssen, Even (2009) Sosialpolitiske idéer i Norge og EU: Samsvar og påvirkning? Presentasjon.

Kildal, Nanna & Nilssen, Even (2009) Policy formation, administrative reform and policy measures: the Norwegian case in a European context. ISA, RC19 Social Policies: Local Experiments, Travelling ideas.

Markkola, Pirjo (2009) “Welfare State, Welfare Society and the Lutheran Church in Finland at the Turn of the 21st Century”. Welfare and Values in Europe. Transitions related to Religion, Minorities and Gender. International Research Conference at Uppsala University.

Ramsay, Tony and Lloyd, C. (2009) “A Political Program of Full Employment: The Utilisation of Sovereign Wealth and Pension Funds”. Conference Paper presented to NordWel in cooperation with the Department of History, Stockholm University, 13-15 May.

Suodenjoki, Sami (2009) ”The route of Tampere from an industrial town to a knowledge city”. Conference: Post-industrial cities in search of a new identity. Poland, 16 April 2009.

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