Other Publications


Alanko, Anna (2013) Miten opioidiriippuvaisia hallitaan? Arvio teoksesta Jani Selin: Hallinnan näkökulmia huumeriippuvuuden hoitoon Suomessa vuosina 1965–2005. [How are the opiod dependent governed? Review on Jani Selin: Governmental perspectives on the treatment of drug addiction in Finland between 1965 and 2005.]. Sosiologia, 50 (2). (Forthcoming.)

Careja, Romana (2013) Analysis and follow-up of mutual learning in the context of Peer Review in the Social Protection and Social Inclusion Programme Case Study 2. Peer Review on Field Social Work programmes in neighbourhoods threatened by social exclusion: the Czech Republic, 19–20 May 2005. Report commissioned by the European Union’s Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity PROGRESS (2007–2013). Coordinators Bart Vanhercke (OSE Brussels) and Egidijus Barcevičius (Public Policy and Management Institute, Vilnius).

Kvist, Jon (2013) Childcare, childcare, childcare. In Progressive Governance: The Politics of Growth, Stability and Reform. London: The Policy Network, 129–132.

Kivimäki, Ville (2013) Book review on Henrik Stenius, Mirja Österberg & Johan Östling (eds) Nordic Narratives of the Second World War: National Historiographies Revisited. European History Quarterly, 43 (1), 188–190.

Lloyd, Christopher (2013) Social democracy is alive and well: Response to Bob Carr. The Drum: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/3869604.html#).

Lloyd, Christopher (2013) From Interdisciplinarity to Social Science History and Beyond: A Radical View. Institute for Advanced Social Research, Tampere University, 10th Anniversary Seminar 16 November 2013. Tampere, Finland. (Keynote presentation.)

Lundqvist, Åsa (2013) Book review: Becky Pettit and Jennifer L. (2012) ‘Hook Gendered Tradeoffs: Family, Social Politics and Economic Inequality in Twenty-One Countries’. Journal of Social Policy, 42 (3), 655–657.

Lundqvist, Åsa (2013) Familjepolitikens historia under 80 år. Jordemodern. Svenska barnmorskeförbundet tidskrift, Nr 4, 27–29.

Petersen, Jørn Henrik (2013) Principielle tanker ved et 100 års jubilæum. In Nye Tider, nye skikke. Et vue over 100 års indsats på socialområdet – fra levering af fattighjælp til facilitering af velfærdsydelser. FSD: Westring + Welling A/S, 6–7.

Petersen, Jørn Henrik (2013) Tilfreds? Europæerne har høje krav til velfærd. Politiken  7.9.2013.

Petersen, Jørn Henrik (2013) 200 års syn på de nødlidende. Social Forskning, 3, 12–13.

Petersen, Jørn Henrik (2013) Velfærdsstatens selvdestruktion. Samfundsfagsnyt, 190 (5), 26–33.

Petersen, Jørn Henrik (2013) Velfærd er ikke en given størrelse. In Stine Carsten Kendal (ed.) Veje til ressourcedanmark – et mere socialt og økonomisk bæredygtigt samfund. Copenhagen: Mandag Morgen Innovation, 18–19.

Sørensen, Michael Kuur (2013) The fantasy of feminist history. European Review of History, 20 (3), 518–520.


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