Seminar`s Spring Schedule

All our spots in the spring are taken now. Here you find a list with all the dates and presenters:

03.03. Jani Marjanen “The Concept of  Nationalism in Late Nineteenth Century and Early Twentieth Century Finnish Newspapers”

17.03. Miika Tervonen ““Roma migrants and Nordic migration regimes: points of historical
comparison, 1860-1956”

31.03. (14-16, Unioninkatu 40, Sali 30!!)  Elina Hakoniemi – “Education for the Class, the Society and the Welfare State – Social Democratic Educational Ideas in Finland and Sweden 1890–1970”

14.04. Mats Fridlund – “The imagineered community: The mutual shaping of Swedish industrial nationalism, national power and electrification”

28.04. Kristina Malmio – “Senmodern spatialitet i finlandssvensk prosa 1990–2010” (Paper in Swedish, presentation and discussion in English)





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