Seminar schedule spring 2017

18.1. Ainur Elmgren: “’The Jesuits of Our Time’ – The Jesuit Stereotype and the Revolutionary Year 1917 in Finland”

  • Please note the different time and place! This seminar session will be held on Wednesday January 18th at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 D113)

2.2. Mojibur Doftori: “Adapting Nordic Popular Education Model in Developing Countries: A Study on Study Circles in Bangladesh, Chile and Tanzania”

16.2. Akif Cem Özkardes: “Euroscepticism: Achilles’ heel of Europe? How do Icelandic and Finnish Euroscepticisms differ from each other in terms of their characteristics and causes?”

2.3. Alan Granadino: “From Utopia to IKEA – The Brand ‘Nordic Model’ in the Spanish Left in the 1970s and the 2010s”

16.3. Corinna Casi: The Value of Barents Region: Ethical and Ecological considerations on the Non-Economic value of its Natural Environment”

30.3. Tuuli From: “Language as symbolic capital in a bilingual school space in Finland and Sweden”

13.4. Ainur Elmgren: “En folkfront för folkväldet – 1930-talets intellektuella mellan statsmakten och de medborgerliga rättigheterna”/”Human Rights Before the Fact – A Finnish Journalist’s Evolving Struggle for Rights and Liberties in 1932-1939”

27.4. Elina Hakoniemi: “”Democracy of Bildung” in social democratic educational ideas ca. 1945-1970″

11.5. Eija Stark: “Minorities in majority folktales and proverbs”

The seminar is held every other Thursday at 16:15-17:45 at Unioninkatu 38 A 109 (Russian room). Welcome!

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