Seminar schedule spring 2019

17.1. Jani Marjanen and Johan Strang: “Rhetorics of Nordicness”

31.1. Tuire Liimatainen: “From Inbetweenness to Invisibility: Changing Representations of Sweden-Finnish Authors”

14.2. Matilda af Hällström: “Lost and Found: Nordic Identity and Peace in the post-Cold War Era”

28.2. Heidi Haggrén: “Conflicting Loyalties: Nurses’ Collective Organization in Finland”

14.3. Lysiane Lasausse: “Game Noir: reimagining the negatives of the Nordic image”

28.3. Jana Lainto: “‘A Small Nation Once Feared by the Whole of Europe’: Portraying Sweden in Czech Travelogues of the Late 19th century”

11.4. Peter Stadius

25.4. Frederik Forrai Ørskov