Guidelines for Presenters and Participants

The title of the presentation should be send to the coordinator ( latest two weeks before the presentation.

The paper must be send no later than one week before the presentation to the coordinator Frederik Forrai Ørskov (

All presented papers are distributed via email to regular seminar participants. Upon request, papers are also distributed to members of the CENS mailing list.

The paper may be in any academic format; research plan, article manuscript, book, dissertation chapter etc.

The topic should be related to the Nordic region but may be from any academic field.

The language of the paper may either be Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish or English but presentation and seminar discussion shall be held in English.

The paper may be of any length. If the paper exceeds 40 pages an opponent might be appointed to create a more intensive discussion.

The seminar starts with a short presentation of the paper by the presenter. The presentation should be max. 10 min.

Afterwards the paper is the subject of the general discussion. Everybody is encouraged to ask questions and to make comments. Comments from researchers of all career stages are valued equally. But we also welcome people who only would like to listen to the discussion and the presentation. However, comments and questions should be raised in a constructive, polite and encouraging manner. The aim of the seminar is to provide a friendly and open atmosphere in which every kind of research on every production and scholarly level might be shared in a professional but relaxed environment.

The seminar usually ends in a post-seminar in the “Thirsty Scholar”. Every participant is invited to join the group and continue the discussion!