Getting started

Welcome to the University of Helsinki blog service! Here anyone with a university username can start a blog just by logging in.

The blogs are powered by WordPress. The service is provided by Educational Tecchnology Services IT department.

Setting up your blog

It’s simple to set up your own blog: just log in to the service with your university account. This takes you to the admin interface, where you are able to write new posts and administrate your blog(s).

The first time you log in the service creates you a personal blog to this address :

You can visit the front page of your blog by clicking the blog’s title (which is “username‘s blog” by default) at the top left. You can get back to the admin interface from the top admin bar, where you can also find the most commonly used tools for your site.

In the admin area all the tools and options are on the left hand menu. There ares some shortcuts at the top bar as well, but all of those can be found from the left menu as well.

Tuning the settings

(Note: The links take you to the corresponding tool or option in your default blog admin interface.)

  • At  Users > Your Profile you can for example define how your name is displayed on the site and and other blogs if comment  them.
  • From the General settings you can change the name and description of your site as well as some other details. General settings has also some sub menus for more detailed settings menus for you to explore.
  • You can tune the outlook of your blogs by selecting a theme from Appearance. The content of your blog’s sidebars can also be defined here, from the Widgets sub menu.

Writing content

You can add entries to you blog from Posts > Add new with a simple WYSIWYG-editor. The latest posts will appear at the front page of your blog and are automatically stored in monthly archives. You can also describe your posts using categories and tags.

Pages are another content type in WordPress. They are like posts, but more static in a sense that they are not part of the timeline. Most themes display pages as a menu somewhere at the blog header.

More blogs!

Need another blog  or just don’t like the address of your personal blog? You can order more by emailing Let us know the name and address ( of your blog and we will create it for you usually the same day. Note that while you can choose the something part of the address it needs to either include a hyphen (-) or be at least 9 characters long.

Watch some tutorials

There’s a good playlista of tutorial for new WordPress users on the current version 4.2 from WP Guru, that covers lot of the basic features. Recommended.