Gathering around a fire

I was browsing through pictures I have taken on my phone that I have had for six years now. I am not a person who takes that many photos. I try to experience what I consider meaningful and picture worthy moments with my own eyes rather than filtering them through a screen. That being said, I am actively trying not to be too stubborn with this trait. After all photos can capture important moments and foster precious memories. While browsing through the images I found an interesting pattern reoccurring in the albums. A lot of the pictures from the most precious moments I had captured included a fire.

Gathering around a fire in. Summer of 2021.

I have a similar blurry pictures like this from every summer since I have had this phone. These pictures are all taken at my friend’s cottage which we visit at least once a summer every year. We have done these trips for at least 8 years now. The people attending these trips for the most part have been the same people every year. One could say that we are a tight knit group. My friend’s cottage is located next to a small like in the woods. There is only one neighboring cottage on the other side of the lake, and I have never seen any signs of life there. This means that we can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature completely by ourselves. The place is truly idyllic. At night the only thing you can hear is the diver bird’s song echoing through the mist floating on top the lake. I often say that the cottages scenery is like a reflection of my inner essence, a mirror of my soul. The only thing interfering the peace and quiet of the woods is our reckless consumption of beer and whiskey. In the evening we bathe for hours in the sauna and in the lake. After the back and forth bathing we all gather around the fire pit where we share stories and memories throughout the endless summer night. The combined effect of the consumption of spirits and staring at the flames for hours always brings me to an ecstatic state. Sitting around the fire makes me feel connected to the surrounding nature and to humanity itself in a special way. All of our ancestors’ lives have depended on the light and warmth of a fire and I can’t even begin to imagine all of the feelings and stories that have been shared around a fire across time. There is something very primal in gathering around a fire with a group of people and staring at it. During our stays at the cottage the fire pit acts as center that we circle around for the night. The fire connects us just like our friendship does. It holds within itself something that we all share and are attracted towards.

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