What permit should I apply for?

The following functions are available to all personnel with your UH user account:

You can browse all course catalogues, course information and if you have also been a student at UH you can also view your study information.

If you have been marked as a teacher of a specific course in WebOodi the following functions are available with your UH user account:
You can see your courses under My Instruction. Here you can edit the course details and student lists, send e-mail to your students and access your course feedback.

If you cannot see your courses under My Instruction, please contact the department office.

In case there are other functions that you need in your work (such as e.g. viewing student information), please contact the Student Register (oodi-tuki@helsinki.fi) or your department for further instructions. Additional user permits for Oodi have to be applied for in HERO.

More information on Oodi user permits in Finnish.