What can Moodle do for you?

Margit Koivumaa (Educational Technology Services), Birgitta Kivinen (Educational Technology Services), Marko Hölttä (Educational Technology Services)
8.3.2017, 13:00 – 14:00, Sali/sal/lecture hall 8

Workshop including examples and experiences from pedagogical practices that participants can apply to their own courses.

It has been claimed that humans might only use 10% of their total brain capacity. By analogy, does the same apply to your use of Moodle?

Can you do the following on Moodle:

  • Adapt your Moodle course site to make it more functional and more visually engaging?
  • Follow the progress of your students during a course?
  • Utilize administrative tools, including downloading scores or grade lists for completed courses to be sent to WebOodi for final grade registration?
  • Effectively grade and give feedback to students by:
    • Using scoring rubrics and grading phrases?
    • Receiving group work assignments and providing feedback to groups?
    • Coordinating and grading online discussions?

The official Helsinki University strategy for 2017-2020 states that learning environments of all courses should be designed to be flexible and engaging in order to activate students’ learning strategies and to increase skillful and multimodal use of online learning environments. This presentation will focus on these topics by providing teachers with practical Moodle tips and tools that can be applied to their own Moodle courses and teaching.