Beyond the Lecture: Adventures in the Flipped and the Blended Classrooms

Joseph Flanagan (Faculty of Arts)
Chiara Lombardini (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry)

7.3.2017, 13:00 – 14:00, Sali/sal/lecture hall 14

Flanagan: Adventures in e-learning (Slides)
In this session, I will talk about my experiences producing digital materials for students. My desire to produce digital materials arises from two major issues. First, it is sometimes very difficult for students to learn unfamiliar material. They thus tend to rely upon lectures (which may be spread apart too long for them to retain the information for the next class) and don’t begin studying for an exam until exam time. Weekly assignments may help, but it is incredibly time-consuming for a single instructor to give weekly feedback to each student on particular assignments, and the lag-time between the time when a student submits the assignment and when they receive feedback is often not ideal. To solve these problem, I have produced a number of interactive exercises and quizzes that allow students to interact with the material as well receive immediate feedback on their performance. This gives students both the independence that promotes active learning as well as the direction that is needed for novice learners. I would demonstrate the type of activities and quizzes I produced and show how they can be incorporated into Moodle (the gradebook) as a supplement to traditional lectures and/or a possible substitute for book exams. I will also discuss some more general problems and challenges for developing digital material for students.

Adopting the flipped classroom in a large enrollment, first-year course (Lombardini): We study the impact on learning and students satisfaction of the adoption of flipped teaching in a large enrollment course using a quasi-experimental, posttest-only, non-equivalent control group design.