Room booking request

The personnel of the University of Helsinki are allowed to make room booking requests in OptimePortal under the following circumstances:

  • The main use of the requested room is teaching (reservations for meeting rooms are made through Office365).
  • The event in question is teaching organised by one of the degree programmes  (timetablers/education coordinators are responsible for room bookings for teaching).

Please note that all room booking requests will be processed and approved by the room booking team. Occasionally, the request may be rejected in some exceptional circumstances. The system keeps the requested room reserved until the application is processed.

Sign in to the OptimePortal on the page with your University username and password.

You can change the language through the drop-down menu in the right lower corner of the page. The supported languages are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Select option Make a Booking Request to begin filling the Room Booking Form. You can browse through your reservations by selecting  My Requests on the menu bar.

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You can find more information on teaching facilities in Flamma (requires logging in) and on the facility introduction website.