How to make a single booking

The OptimePortal room booking request form is intended for bookings for non-teaching events (all room bookings for teaching in the degree programmes are handled by timetablers/education coordinators). The booking requests are processed and approved by the room booking team.

The request form is available only for the staff members of the University.

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How to search available rooms

Begin by selecting the option Make a Booking . Click Get started. Set your preferences for time, location and capacity.

Image showing the Preferences section on a reservation request.

Set the date, time and duration. The reservation is made by the hour. If your event begins at 9:45, you have to reserve the room beginning from 9 o’clock sharp and set the starting time at 9:00.

The default Department is “HY:n yhteiskäyttöiset tilat (H903)” (University of Helsinki, rooms for general use). You should change this option only if you are sure that you want to use a room belonging to a faculty or a department.

On the right column, you can give multiple constraints for the room search:

  • select a campus from the site list,
  • building,
  • department; only if you want to use a room dedicated to a certain faculty or unit,
  • equipment,
  • room type,
  • accessibility,
  • the minimum and/or maximum capacity.

After entering your conditions, click Search.

If you cannot find available rooms, you can try adjusting the following values:

  • select another building nearby or search on the site level,
  • widen your search beyond the facilities belonging to the department or faculty, i.e. change the department setting back to HY:n yhteiskäyttöiset tilat (H930),
  • set fewer requirements for equipment,
  • set a larger value to the max capacity.

If you are still not able to find any suitable rooms, consider whether another time or date were possible. The peak hours are between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on working days. It is usually easier to find vacancies on Fridays or on other working days before ten of after four.

Search results

All the rooms suitable for your preferences are listed in the Search Result Box in the Choose Rooms section. If you click the dropdown box, you can see all the results.

Image showing the Choose Rooms section and location of the drop down.

If you want to see more information on the room, choose it from the list and click the blue, round Info button to see the presentation page of the room. There is more relevant content on the presentation page of the room including pictures  and a full description of the equipment and amenities in the room.

Choosing the room and finalising the request

Choose a room from the list and click the Book this room button. The time and date of the reservation are still adjustable in the timetable view in the Request Details section.

Image showing the Request Details section.

Finalise the request by giving your event a title and adding in any necessary additional information.

If the unit bearing the cost of the booking is other than the default (your own department), choose the correct unit in the Customer field. If the event should be billed on a wbs, write the wbs number in the Additional Event Info field.

Image showing the Finalise Request section.

Click the Send Request button to submit your form to the Room Booking Team.

Confirmed requests will be visible on Optime. If, for some reason, your request must be denied, the Room Booking Team will contact you.

Click here for further instructions on managing your requests.

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