How to manage your requests

All your requests are listed on My Reservations page. It is easy to check if your requests have been handled.

Image showing list of events in My Reservations view.

To open the request in detail view, click the button at the beginning of the row.

On the left side of the page under the title of the event are listed the relevant details of the requester. In the middle of the page under the Delete and Remove button there are five tabs:

  • Rooms tab has information on the requested room and reservation time
  • Invitation tab N/A
  • Services tab is not used by the University
  • Cost tab has the cost specification per reserved unit
  • History tab lists the changes of the request. If your request has been denied, you can find the explanation for the denial on this tab.

Making changes

If you want to make changes in your reservation before it has been approved, you can open your it in detail view and click the Request Changes button.

If you want to make changes in your reservation after it has been approved, please contact

Changing a request for a single event

Change the date, duration and/or start time in Request Details section. After you have made all the changes click the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page in Finalise Request section.

If you want to change the room, click Cancel Booking button in the details view. Then you have to start over and make a new request for the new room.

Changing a request for recurrent or multiple events

If you want to remove one or multiple events from the request, click the Request Changes button in detail view. Open the Request Details section and locate the event in the Booking selector. When you have selected the event with the Booking selector, click the x button to remove the selected event form you order.

If you want to change the room of the event, you have to remove the event first and then search for the new room by entering your preferences first and then searching for available rooms. After you have clicked Book this room button in the Choose Room section the event has been added to your booking.

If you want to add a new event to your booking, search the room first and use the Book this room to add the new event to your booking request.

After you have made your changes you have to click the Request changes button at the bottom of the Finalise Request section.

Cancelling the request

You can cancel your request that hasn’t been handled yet on My reservation page. Open the request you want to cancel in detail view and click the Cancel Booking button. Use the Delete from system button to remove the cancelled booking completely from the system.

In case your request has already been handled you can cancel the booking by sending email to Please enclose the reference number of the booking you’d like to cancel.

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