Multiple events in one request

This page contains instructions only for a multiple event request. There is another page for a booking request for a single event.

If you have multiple events which you want to keep together you can link them all together. A request for multiple events can consist of events with different times, weekdays and rooms. All the occurrences of a multiple event have the same title. If it is essential to separate the titles of the different occurrences of the event, you have to make a separate request per title.

When you have finished the first request in the Request Detail section, you see #1 followed by the room name in the Booking Selector on the upper left corner of the section. To add another time for the room you can click Book this room button in the Choose room section and then give a new time for the room in Request detail section. You see that the Booking number in the Booking selector has changed.

If you want to check the vacancy for the same room or you want to book another room, you can change the preferences and search again. Every time you click the Book this room button the software adds a new request to your order.

Image showing the Request Details section and location of the drop down indicating selected rooms.

If you have multiple occurrences in the order, you can navigate through your reservation by choosing the request number in the Booking selector.

You can also find all your bookings listed on the bottom of the page in Finalise Request section.

Image showing room bookings in the Finalise Request section.


If you want to reserve multiple rooms at the same time and date, set the preferences in a way that all the rooms you want to book meet the search criteria. Then it is easy to select each room needed for the event one after another.

How to remove an event

If you want to remove a request from the order, select it first with the selector in the Request Detail section and then click the Remove button on the right side of the selector.

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