Room booking request for a recurring event

This page applies to a recurrent event only. If you want to book a single event, follow the link Room request for a single event.

N.B. We recommend that you use either Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. The software does not support Internet Explorer for multiple events.

The user is able to request multiple events in a single reservation:

  1. If the event occurs multiple times at the same time on the same weekday, it is recurring.
  2. If the event occurs multiple times but has different starting times on different weekdays, you can either make multiple requests or combine multiple events in one request. Check  the page Multiple events in one request for further instructions.

How to make a request for a recurring event

Open the control panel for the recurring event by checking the Repeats check box.

Image showing the location of Repeats check box.

Select one option for repeating type:

  • daily,
  • weekly,
  • bi-weekly,
  • monthly, if you want to book the event on the same day of several months,
  • custom, if your event repeats at the same time on the same days of the week,
  • list, if your event repeats irregularly on different days of the week (but always at the same time and in the same room).

You can choose either how many times your event repeats or when you want the repeating of the event to end.

Use the other preferences for your room as explained on the page Room booking request for a single event.

You can still adjust the times and dates for your event in the Request Details section if you want. Browse the calendar in a monthly view if you have a wide range of dates.

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