Pedagogical Documentation in Early Years

Kati Rintakorpi’s and Jyrki Reunamo’s article Pedagogical documentation and its relation to everyday activities in early years has been accepted for publication in the Early Child Development and Care journal. Pedagogical documentation was related to participative, drama education, media-education and deeply processed pedagogical planning. It is remarkable that the pedagogical documentation evaluated by the team educators was positively correlated with the independently measured observation. The observers and evaluators had no knowledge and access to the other measurement data. Thus, the correlation between learning environment evaluation and observation must describe some real connections between pedagogical documentation and children’s everyday activities (we have to consider intermediate variables). For example, pedagogical documentation was positively connected with children’s increased happiness, joy and satisfaction. In these groups also children’s involvement in the activities tended to be higher. These results are among the first statistically significant results describing the connection between pedagogical documentation and children’s everyday experiences.


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