Taiwanese colleagues have arrived

Taiwanese researchers, teachers and students have arrived in Finland. They will be introduced to Finnish Early Education, day care centers, kindergarten teacher studies and research on the subject. Our colleagues also have produced new development models for their work and they are eager to discuss them with Finnish teachers. We have also done similar data collection in Finland and the comparison have resulted in a lot of interesting similarities and differencies across cultures. You can meet the Taiwanese colleagues, for example, at the Progressive feedback conference in 16th August in Helsinki.

Workshop in Taipei

taipeiworkshopThe workshop in Taipei on Sunday 20 November collected together the teachers, who had participated in the observation and data collection. The main content of the day was the sharing of teachers experiments and examples of their development models based on the research results. Many of the development tasks were related to outdoors and physical activity. Taipei is a cramped metropolitan, in where the pre-schools may not have a proper outdoor yard of their own. It was very inspiring to see creative solutions for fun and creative physical activity in constricted environment. Of the participating researchers were included, for example, Hui-Chun Lee (Tzu Chi University), professor Li-Chen Wang (Chang Gung University), professor Doris Cheng (Tung Wah Collegesta Hong Kong) and professor Karen Liu (Indiana State University). As an example, in Sanmin pre-school, the children go to the park every day. The group collects smiles from the people they meet in their way. They get smiles a lot! There were people waiting for the children to pass by. For example, a choir of senior citizens were waiting for the children and performed a song for the children. In the park the activities were fast, but the path to park and back took a long time, because there were so many familiar and unknown things to explore.


Yilan-Hualien area workshop

hualienworkshopThe workshop in Hualien on Saturday 19 November 2016 collected together the project early childhood educators participating in the data collection. The teachers presented examples from tree houses to using stumps in math. We also compared the Finnish and Taiwanese research results. In the workhop the teachers input, examples and sharing were essential. There were researchers from Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Turkey and Finland. Participating researchers included professoriHui-Chun Lee (Tzu Chi University), professor Li-Chen Wang (Chang Gung University), professor Doris Cheng (Tung Wah College of Hong Kong), professor Shu-Shuan Shih (Taitung University), professor Hui-Hua Chen (Dong Hwa University), Yeni Rachmavati (Pendidikan University), Mehmet Sahin (Dong Hwa University) and Wei-Chen Zhang (Dong Hwa University). The natural resources, Pacific Ocean, rivers, mountains, plants and animals give the pre-school settings a unique environment, which calls for respect and exploration. Thank you for the participants for a very inspiring day!

QCCI conference


At the 2015 Quality Childhood Conference International (QCCI) at 19th June in Hong Kong, an Orientation project symposium was organized. Presenters from Hong Kong, Finland and Taiwan described the project results. In the picture conference chair Doris Cheng presents the differences in children’s orientations at play-based and academic preschools in Hong Kong. The presentations were:

  • Reunamo, J. T.: Orientation project: Studying the impact of children’s views in early years
  • Lee, H-C., Wang, L-C. & Shih, S-C. Involvement of child learning- Empirical findings in Finland and Taiwan
  • Cheng, D. Orientation Project on children’s Views
  • Ko, J. Orientation projects in Hong Kong (2) – Does social orientation affect children’s school readiness?
  • Chen, H-H. Scaffolded play and learning
  • Julienne Pek: Orientation project in Singapore

The conference was also a great place for networking and synchronization of the project. Special thanks for Doris Cheng for the opportunity.

Obs. training in Singapore

ippThe Singapore observation training lasted for two days. More than 40 observers were trained. The training produced a wealth of interesting discussions and insight. The data will be collected from kindergartens in 5-year-old groups between February and May 2015. After the data collection the kindergartens and observers will get detailed feedback on the activities observed. Thank you for the organization and support for Christine Soo Mee Ling and to the other helpful people at PAP Community Foundation. Now the observers will practice the use of the observation instrument and collect questions about its use. In January, just before the data collection, we will discuss the raised questions to ensure a valid and reliable observation across all four countries and kindergartens. The observation details were also presented in the PAP conference for ECEC teachers: Serving with pride, nurturing with passion.

Project papers at Earli 14 conference

At the EARLI Conference on SIG 5 Learning and Development in Early Childhood August 25-27, 2014 Jyväskylä, Finland three papers about Orientation project plans and results were presented:


Nordic Orientation in ECEC?

The third Nordic ECEC conference “Approaches in Nordic ECEC research: Current research and new perspectives”
was held in Oslo 11-12 November 2013.  Orientation project style of combining research and practical development was described in an invited presentation Day care based on developmental feedback for the staff. The article based on the presentation has just been published at the conference webcite. Futhermore, please check out the proposal for Nordic ECEC comparison in 2015!


Nordic comparison in 2015?

At the 3rd ECEC Conference in Oslo 11 and 12 November we had a workshop on implementing Orientation project research tools on the Nordic level. We concentrated on questions:

  • How to get more resources for professional development?•
  • How to empower educators to develop their work?
  • What are the possibilities for a shared comparative research across Nordic

The need for a research to find out what really happens in ECEC in Nordic countries was clear to all participants. We are seeking for funding possibilities from the Nordic Council. The Orientation project tools were introduced in a presentation. The slides can be retrieved here (children’s pictures omitted). Thank you for the interest and lets hope we can get good aspirations into concrete actions.

Children’s orientations and Learning Environment qualities

Dr. Doris Cheng Pui-wah from the Hong Kong Institute of Education has applied the Orientation project interview instrument to compare two different types of learning environment. The preliminary results show for example that in academic-oriented pre-schools children have more uncertain and adaptive views which are related to uncertain relationships with teachers and peers. On the other hand in a more child-centered kindergarten children have more agentive and open views describing more harmonic interaction with teachers and peers. These preliminary results reveal exciting possibilities for building a nourishing social LE, for analyzing social interaction and for evaluating social interaction. The  first glimpses of the mind-blowing research can be found here.