Physical activity lessons from Finland?

Unfortunately our results describing children’s physical activity in Early Education are published only in Finnish. The first small article about our latest results in English has just been published in Nursery World. Even though there are still a lot of things to enhance in Finland, there may also be some things that could be used in other countries too, see Jyrki Reunamo: Physical activity: some lessons from Finland).

Supporting multicultural children

In the leading Finnish journal for educational sciences Kasvatus (Education), an article about supporting children with immigrant background in early years has been accepted for publication. In the Orientation project data there were 309 children with immigrant background, whose need for support was evaluated. Mostly, children’s skills were equal in relation to the original population, but in context specific situations there were differences. The results highlight the importance of the educator in interaction. In a multicultural environment it is important to consider the shared production of learning content and educational practices. The article info:
Arvola, O., Reunamo, J. & Kyttälä, M. (accepted for publication). Maahanmuuttajataustaiset lapset varhaiskasvatuksessa: kasvattajien näkemykset lasten taidoista ja tuen tarpeesta [Immigrant children in early years: the educators’ views about children’s skills and need for support. Kasvatus.

Funding for study of multicultural children

outiAlli Paasikivi foundation has awarded the 2016 grants. Outi Arvola received funding (21 000 euro) for her research, where she studies the Orientation project results from the point of view of the multicultural children and their families. At the moment, Outi is working with the support needed for different families with a multicultural background and probably the  multicultural children’s everyday experiences are the next topics of her research. Congratulations for Outi! The funding is an essential help in accomplishing the needed deepness and validity of this timely topic.

Funding for research on multicultural children in early childhood education in Finland

Outi Arvola is doing her doctoral thesis on the Orientation project data. The data will be ready by 29 May 2015. Outi has been granted 20000 eoros for research on multicultural children in early childhood education. Alli Paasikivi foundation chose Outi’s research from 257 applications, of which only 23 got funding. This means that Outi’s project was regarded being among the very best. Congratulations for Outi!