Funding for Orientation project

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has decided to grant Orientation project. The sum is 180 000 euro and the funding is for 2014-2016. The funding is for enhancing the positive feedback loop of early childhood physical activity. The evaluation of the funded projects was carried on in cooperation with the Academy of Finland, which allowed an international comparison of scientific competence. The funding is a significant recognition of the work done in the  Orientation project and it enables a more flexible work in the future.  Thank you for the participants in the project, who have made this grant possible.

Singapore joins in Orientation project

Singapore is, in spite of its small size, a giant in innovation and learning. Right now Singapore is committed to raise the quality of ECEC. We will have the same data collection in three countries in 2015: Finland, Taiwan and Singapore. From September to December 2014 there will be 30 observers from Singapore who will be trained to observe children’s activities, involvement and orientations. The observations will be merged with information about children’s skills and learning environment. Based on the research results we will do development tasks and seek concrete solutions for a better ECEC. An important partner in the start-up of the collaboration has been the people at SPARK and Academy of Principals.