The nest of thoughts

I fell for insects- especially pollinators- and I fell for them hard.  Everything I read was about them no matter the format.  I watched documentaries and mainly, talked about insects with anyone willing to do so and plenty of those less keen.

After some period of enthusiastic frenzy I came to a conclusion that for sake of my social relationships it might be better to have a blog of some sort, in case that someone wouldn’t like to hear all about the exiting new solitary bee I just recently saw.  Or bugs or larvae or such.  So, here it goes.  Plenty of pictures will follow, and occasional posts related to mushrooms, plants and such.

Mainly this blog will be about learning about pollinators and beekeeping, effects of pesticides and thoughts of making life easier to bees in modern agricultural surroundings.  The blog is meant as a notepad for me and by making it public I hope others to benefit from it as well.  If I haven’t identified species correctly please notify me.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all pictures are under my copyright, so please mention the source if using them.

Bombus lapidarius(Fin) Kivikkokimalainen, (Eng) Red-tailed bumblebee (Swe) Stenhumla
Found exhausted from a greenhouse, cupped, and taken outside for some honey.

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