What to pack & other practical tips


Lembergsviken on Seili.
Photo: Johan Fredriksson, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

We recommend packing wind- and waterproof outdoor gear, incl. shoes (see weather forecast); please note that it is usually rather windy in the archipelago even in the summer, so do pack enough warm clothes (e.g., a hat for the boat trips). A flashlight will probably come in handy. Remember your allergy medication, if you are prone to hay fever or the like – there will be a lot of Nature around. You can also consider bringing a swimming suit, your favourite beers or refreshments for the evening, and possibly insect repellent.

Bedlinen and towels will be provided.

Please note that there are ticks on Seili, and it is a risk area for TBE. You may want to consider getting vaccinated, although it is usually very much sufficient to follow normal precautions: wear clothes that cover esp. your ankles, shake any ticks off when coming indoors, and check your skin daily.

There is no shop on the island, but food will be served by the institute, and it is plentiful: the accommodation price includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snack, plus two coffee breaks during the day (see program).

Cars will be left in Nauvo; all moving around on the island is done on foot. At arrival, the research institute staff will take your luggage to the accomodations by a tractor, if you arrive in one of the groups. Otherwise, you will need to carry your luggage ca. 1 km across the island. The same applies on the way back.

Internet connections work on the island – unless there’s been a storm. Mobile phone reception is reasonably good at least outdoors.