Jon Bois – 17776 [What football will look like in the future] (2017)
17776, also known as What football will look like in the future, is an online fiction set in 17776 – hence the name. In such a distant future, humans have stopped dying, aging, and being born since 2026. In the US, American football has developed to include new rules, and games are usually played for millennia and fields can be thousands of kilometres long. Computers have gained sentience due to constant exposure to broadcast human data. The series follows three spacecraft – Pioneer 9 (called Nine), Pioneer 10 (called Ten), and the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (called Juice). At the beginning of the story, Nine gains sentience and makes contact with Ten and Juice. As Nine adjust to a completely new world compared to the one it was born in, the three space probes watch multiple American football games. The series can be read online through a combination of GIFs, coloured text, and YouTube videos.