Future and ongoing outreach activities:

Past outreach activities:

  • 28.09.2018 – European Researcher’s Night 2018. Main organiser of the Space Physics programme on space debris and space sustainability.
  • 25.09.2018 – Journey to Mercury. Speaker in a series of panel discussions about the BepiColombo mission.
  • 11.08.2018 – International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) 2018, Aalto University. Co-organiser of the science communication workshop “How to tell a science story”.
  • 24.03.2018 – Travelling in the Solar System. An event in the series An Afternoon in the Science Basement. The event consists of three different talks about space travel. A recap of the event can be found here.
  • October/November 2017 – Finnish Physical Society Anniversary Blog. Author of two blog articles. The blog can be found here.
  • 29.09.2017 – European Researchers’ Night 2017. Presenter of a poster for The Science Basement.
  • 30.09.2016 – European Researchers’ Night 2016. Member of the organising committee for the Space Physics programme.