Kone Foundation project on digital social research 2015-2017

I was the project leader in the 2015 -2017 Kone Foundation funded project on digital social research with special reference to political science. The project name was Digital Humanities of Public Policy Formation. The project members included Matti Nelimarkka, M.Soc.Sc., 2015-17, Joonas Mattson, M.Soc.Sc., 2015, Mari Marttila, M.Sc., 2015 and since associate member, Joonatan Virtanen, M.Sc., 2016 and since associate member, and, as project assistant, M.Soc.Sc. student Anton Sobolev, 2015-16.

The activities of the project continue in the Research Group on Digital Politology.

The project examined, among others:

– Quality indexes of discourse and deliberation and the constructions of these indexes by means of machine learning classifiers

– The scaling of the dimensions of political dimensions by means of examining big data and utilizing special methods to do this scaling

– The evolution of university strategies by means of examining relevant documentary data

– The contents of selected documents of public policy evaluation

The data in the project included tweets, party manifestos and government political programs as well as documents on university policies and administration and documents of public policy evaluation. Many of these data are examined in other ways after the project.


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