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Anssi Peräkylä

Professor of Sociology
Ph.D. (London 1992)

Center of Excellence on Intersubjectivity in Interaction
P.O. Box 4 (Vuorikatu 3)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Telephone: +358 9 191 24620

My research topic is social interaction in psychotherapy, medical consultations, and everyday settings.  Especially I’m interested in the role of emotional expression in social interaction.  In recent years, I have developed means for investigating the linkages between the process of social interaction, and the physiological responses in the participants’ bodies.  I give courses on social interaction and interaction research. My research team is part of the Academy of Finland funded Center of Excellence on Intersubjectivity in Interaction.   Besides my academic work, I also have a small scale psychoanalytic practice which supports and gives inspiration to my research work.

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