Autumn Meeting and Christmas party 4 December

All HYVÄT members are warmly welcome to the Autumn General Meeting and the Christmas party that is right after the meeting on Tuesday December 4th. The meeting starts at 18.00 at Kattosauna Sivistys (Leppäsuonkatu 11, the same place where we had sitsit in September).

We are still looking for boardmembers to the board of 2019. The meeting can elect 6-12 board members and the positions include chairperson, secretary, treasurer, event coordinator, members coordinator among others. The board meets around once month to talk about timely matters – we work in a relaxed way, so there’s no reason to feel intimidated even you you don’t have any experience about similar associations! As a board member you get to organise activities you would like to see happening, be they parties, or more academically inclined things. You also get to participate in setting the agenda on what things concerning doctoral education HYVÄT should bring up to discussion with the university. All this in great company, naturally. If you got curious, feel free to contact any of us board members to find out more, or to announce your interest, or you can email for more information. You can also just show up in the meeting.

In the meeting, all the HYVÄT members who have paid their membership fee have the right to vote.

Direcly after the meeting we continue with the Christmas Party in the same location. Do not miss this chance of glögi and gingerbreads in the best of company, and who knows, if we have been good this year, Santa might come by!


The agenda for the autumn meeting is:

  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Legality and quorum
  3. Approving the agenda
  4. Election of meeting officials
    1. Chairperson
    2. Secretary
    3. Scrutinizers (2)
    4. Tellers (2)
  5. Accepting the action plan for the year 2019
  6. The joining and membership fees of 2019
  7. The budget for the year 2019
  8. Election of the chairperson of the board for 2019
  9. Election of other board members for 2019 (6-12 people)
  10. Election of auditors for 2019 (2+2 people)
  11. Other matters
  12. Closing the meeting